Astrologer P. James Clark was born in London, England and now resides on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

He is internationally respected as a Master Astrologer working in the Ancient and Classical Tradition. He’s the current Research Director of the International Society of Classical Astrologers (ISCA), a member of The Astrological Association of Great Britain, The British Astronomical Society and The British Association for Vedic Astrology.

Professor Clark is a scholar of the European Renaissance who conducted university courses on the literature and philosophy of the period. He speaks English, French, Spanish and is familiar with Greek and Latin. He is currently studying Classical Arabic.

He has provided scholarly editions of Pico della Mirandola and Claudius Ptolemy for students of astrology while authoring scores of astrological articles, most recently featured in Mountain Astrologer,  Celestial Vibes. & New Dawn Magazine.   

His current research includes the alchemy of Hellenistic, Persian and Indian Astrology in the crucible of Neo-Platonic and Hermetic Philosophy. He holds a diploma in Advanced Herbology and is currently writing a book on Traditional Astrological Medicine, drawing on Arabic, Persian and European sources.

His interests are not merely academic. They are integral to his life as an Astrologer and Shaman in the Druidic tradition of his Anglo-Welsh heritage.

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