Astrological Consultations

Please read instructions before you purchase a reading –

Personal consultations are available via Zoom or Skype. The fee a one-hour session is $125.00. These may be recorded by you for later reference.

When you make your appointment, be sure to explain your specific needs and to include your birth date, time and place of birth. You will receive a prompt and personal reply, usually within 24 hours.

I specialize in five types of astrological divination: these are Nativities, Horary, Electional, Mundane & Medical. Mundane is not used for personal charts, but otherwise, it is common for the remaining four to overlap on occasion.

Written reports have been discontinued in favour of in-person sessions via Skype or Zoom. The exception to this is a Horary or Electional reading. 

I use Fixed Stars extensively in much of my work. For this, I employ the original Babylonian, Chaldean and Egyptian systems of star reading as well as in horoscopic astrology.

If you do not have a PayPal account or do not wish to use a credit card, the preferred alternate payment is by direct deposit (Interac) or Moneygram.


Horary Consultation

Horary answers questions using the time the question was asked. Questions might include ‘should I move,’ will I get the job,” or more personal enquiries.


Depiction of Cyrus the Great by Jean Fouquet, 1470.Cyrus_II_le_Grand_et_les_Hébreux

Reading of a Nativity

A reading of a Nativity using Ancient and Classical methods. Generally, up to three specific areas receive particular attention. These might include career, potential medical issues, spiritual path and so on. The reading of a nativity essentially answers the question “what am I doing here.” This is delivered in a 90 minute Zoom session.



Electional Consultation

Used to find the most auspicious time for any new undertaking. This is invaluable when considering a move, starting a business or indeed a new beginning of any kind.



Relationship Analysis

This consultation addresses the main issues regarding a relationship, particularly one that is intended to be long term. Several traditional factors are considered, including predictions related to parenthood and children. Marriage is one of the greatest decisions you are likely to make in your life, with long-term ramifications. There are countless sites on the internet that offer ‘free’ compatibility or ‘romance’ readings. These are invariably computer generated and cannot possibly provide both the detail and nuance of a personally delivered. consultation by a seasoned astrologer.. This reading is delivered via a 0ne-hour Zoom session.


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Traditional Medical Consultation

Ancient and Traditional Astrologers were very often also interested in medicine. This consultation specifically focusses on medical issues using traditional western techniques that go back to Hippocrates and beyond. It includes an examination of the humours and temperament, weakness, and strengths in the constitution. More often than not, clients ask for this reading when they have a medical challenge or illness. It is very useful as a preventative measure by providing foreknowledge.. This requires a 90 minute Zoom or Skype session with the option for follow-up readings.



Mentorship & Professional Instruction

This may include any agreed upon any subject in astrology. The level will be adjusted to meet the needs of the querent. This may be conducted via telephone, Skype or email. Sessions are one hour in duration. By appointment only.


Starlight Natal Reports

“On the day you were born, you not only gained the magic of your horoscope, you also gained the myths and meanings of a sky full of stars. Not all the stars, just those that formed links to your natal planets via what is called parans. By considering the star parans in your life you will be encountering a whole new (though very old) layer of myth and meaning to your chart.” Bernadette Brady When you order the report, be sure to include your email address, along with your name, date, time and location of birth. I will then generate the report and send it to you via email.


The Starlight Natal Reports, though written by Bernadette Brady, are computer generated and generally provide 12 pages or more on the stars as they manifest throughout your lifetime, They are fascinating and of high quality. Check out the sample charts of Marsilio FicinoMarcel MarceauSarah Vaughan and J.K. Rowlings