Summer Solstice 2019

The Summer Solstice is matched in importance only by the Winter Solstice and both Equinoxes. It is a time to celebrate the light force at it’s seasonal peak. Virtually all ancient societies put great emphasis on this moment and most still do to this day. For those who have followed my work for any amount of time, will know that the primary interest should be celebration and joy. However, I always provide a chart for the occasion and discuss the most salient elements, This chart is for GMT on 21 June 2019 @ 4:54:09 PM.

The Moon is void of course, the Ascendant in Via Combusta. In Classical astrology the Quincunx is referred to as an inconjunct or aversion. In this chart there is actually a Yod comprised of the Quincunx of Moon and Jupiter to North Node and the sextile between Jupiter and Moon. Saturn is also involved, providing the opposition. The Yod is considered to be a ‘fated’ aspect – the finger of God – something that cannot be governed with impunity.. This will have varying personal significance depending on where this actually falls in your own chart. However, Here we have a clear direction. The North Node or Rahu is the head of the Serpent who is never satiated because he cannot digest – he is only the head. He is also indicative of the soul’s journey in greater cycles of being.

The tight opposition of Saturn with the South Node to Mars with the North Node, although the latter is a looser connection,  is still heady stuff. By means of Translation of Light, the Sun transfers the light of Mercury to both Mars and Saturn, The Almuten is Jupiter, the Day is Venus and the Hour is Mercury. The fact that Venus is in the Eighth House of Death and in a Mercurial Sign is troubling. However, I think the fact that both Saturn and Jupiter are Retrograde might actually offer some relief.

Having a good feel for the energies of any chart is helpful and the nakshatras provide another contextual dimension. Any planetary configurations can be worked with profitably, but denial is a useless proposition. It is highly likely that over the next six months, that the UK will face a calamity, perpetrated by foreign forces. Knowing that allows for preparation of all kinds.

This is a time of joy, celebration and of dancing in the Sun


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