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Note: Some of these are quite large – between 3 – 4 thousand pages or contain scanned graphics. It is best to choose ‘save as’ rather than open as PDF if you have a slow connection.

Conjunction and Eclipse Calculations

Superior Conjunctions- Courtesy Classical Astrologer

mars_jupiter – conjunctions 1900 – 2050


Total Eclipses Only – 1500 – 3000

Complete Lunar and Solar Eclipses 1500 – 3000

Classical Greek and Hellenistic Works – Primary & Secondary

Aristotle – The Complete Works

Aristotle On the Heavens 

Coxe, John Redman M.D., Writings of Hippocrates & Galen  – large file. close to 692 pp. 1846

Fitzpatrick, Patrick.A Modern Almagest

Iamblichus – The Pythagorean Life 

Iamblichos – Theurgia or The Egyptian Mysteries

Maturnus, Firmicus. Matheseos Libri VIII Trans. Jean Rhys Bram.

Plato – Allegory of the Cave

Plato – Complete Works. Jowett Ed.

Plato -Symposium

Plato – Timaeus 

Plotinus – Enneads

Ptolomeus, Claudius. Tetrabiblos (Espanol)

Ptolemy, Claudius. Tetrabiblos – Four Books of the Influence of the Stars .

Sharples, R.W.  Stoics, Epicureans and Sceptics~An Introduction to Hellenistic Philosophy – Routledge

Vettius Valens – Anthologies (Complete)

Arabian, Persian, Babylonian & Indian Astrology

Abu Marshalla – Flowers – Latin




Avicenna & His Legacy – Ed. Langerman

Abu Ma’shar Abalachus. Introduction to Astronomy Containing the Eight Divided Books. Latin w/ Intro in English. Trans. Jacobius Pentius de Leucho. 1506.

Kak. Subhash. The Astronomical Code of the Ṛgveda (Third Edition)   Oklahoma State University, Stillwater 2011

Reiner, Erica in collaboration with. David Pingree. Babylonian Planetary Omens 1975

Surya Siddhanta & the Siddhanta Siromani. Translated from Sanskrit by Pundit Bapu Feva Sastri – 1861

Astronomy and Astrology in India and Iran — Isis 54_229-246 (1963)

Babylonian Observations of Saturn in Kandalanu Reign – Walker

Surya_Siddhanta. Ebeneezer Burgess (1860)

 Xenophon. Cyropaedia, The Education of Cyrus. This book is not specifically astrological. It is, however, a fine sourcebook by the Greek writer Xenophon, providing us with great incites into the relationship of Persian culture to the Celestial arts.

English & Continental Renaissance [Inc. 17th C.] Astrology and Magick

Agrippa, Cornelius. – Three Books of Occult Philosophy

Andrews, William. The_Astrological_Physician_William_Andrews

Arbatel : Of the Magic of the Ancients, The greatest Studie of Wisdom.

Blagrave. John_Introduction_to_Astrology

Brahe, Tycho. _Astronomi_Instaurat Mechanica  – Latin

Bruno, Giordano. Cantus Circaeus: Incantations of Circe (English with Latin Frontispiece).

—  Cantus Circaeus  (Latin original).

Burton, Robert Anatomy of Melancholy

Culpeper, Nicholas_Astrological_Judgment_of_Diseases

Culpeper, Nicholas Directory_for_Midwives

Culpeper, Nicholas Opus_Astrologicum

Dariot. Claude L’introduction_au_jugement_des_astres

Dariot, Claude. 1558 – A Briefe and Most Easie Introduction to the Stars Eng. trans by FW.

Dee. John.The_Hieroglyphic_Monad 1564_[1]

Eland, William_A_Tutor_to_Astrology

Ficino, Marsilio. Tractatus on Plagues and Contagions. (Humoural / Astrological Medicine)

Fludd, Robert Traite_D’Astrologie_Generale

Gadbury, John. The_Doctrine_of_Nativities_and_Horary_Questions_by_John_Gadbury

Gadbury, John_Nativity_of_Lewis_the_Fourteenth

Gadbury, John_Nauticum_Astrologicum

Griffin, Anthony_An_Astrological_Judgement_Touching_Theft

Griffin, Anthony. An-Astrological-Judgement-Touching-Theft-retyped-and-extended

Ibn Sina Canon of Medicine

Ibn Sina Canon of Medicine Book II Materia Medica

Kirby, Richard Richard_Kirby_The_Marrow_of_Astrology

Kircherus. Athanasius  Oedipus Aegyptiacus 1

Kircherus. Athanasius Oedipus Aegyptiacus 2

Lilly, William Anima_Astrologiae

Lilly, William Life of William Lilly

Lilly, William Svpernatvrall_Sights_and_Apparitionsns\

Middleton John. Philomath_Practical_Astrology_

Partridge, John.  Mikropanastron

Partridge, John_Opus_Reformatum

Partridge, John  Defectio_Geniturarum

Ramsey, William Astrology_Restored

Ramsey William. The Revised English Edition of William Ramesey’s  Astrologia Munda. –– Ed. and Annotated by Steven Birchfield AMA

Saunders, Richard._The_Astrological_Judgment_and_Practice_of_Physick

Thrasher, William Jubar_Astrologicum

Gnostic Texts


Book_of_Enoch  Oxford (Clarendon)

Hermetic Texts

Anon. On the Corpus Hermeticum. This is a regrettably anonymous paper on the subject. – useful bibliography.

Mead, G.R.S.  (trans)  The Corpus Hermeticum

Von Gurgel Pereira. The Hermetic Λόγος: Reading the Corpus Hermeticum as a Reflection of Graeco-Egyptian Mentality

Zoroastrian Texts


Bundahishn The-Bundahishn (facsimile)

DhallaL,Maneckj History-of-Zoroastrianism

The  Gathas -The Divine Songs of Zarathushtra – With Preface by Rabindranath Tagore

Translation of Gathas. The Holy Songs Of Zarathushtra

Zoroastrian Astrology in the Bundahishn by D.N. MacKenzie

Zoroastrian_Texts_Trans. W/ notes by Prods Oktor Skjærvø

Miscellaneous – Including Secondary Sources & Reference.

The Astrological-Astronomical Encyclopedia in MS Paris 1058

Planetary Hours Charts. (Alchemical)

Rolleston, F. Mazzaroth or the Constellations

Seiss, Joseph Augustus. The Gospel in the Stars.

Fell-Smith, Charlotte. Biography of  John Dee 

Lewis, C.S. The-Discarded-Image.

Newton, Isaac – Principia Mathematica

The Case of the Animals versus Man Before the King of the Jinn A translation from the Epistles of the Brethren of Purity

Egyptian Book of the Dead


Dionysius the Areopagite_ Celestial Hierarchy – Important reading for Medieval Cosmology

Zohar – ( Hebrew)

Hebrew names of the planets Shay Zucker (Tel Aviv University).

Spalinger, Anthony. Notes on Month Names [Egyptian] (University of Auckland).


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