Guido Bonatti II

Aphorisms Relating to Eclipses & Comets – Guido Bonatus: From Anima Astrologiae. Trans. William Lilly, 1676



1.     In an Election it is necessary to consider the strength of the Planet then ruling, for his significations will chiefly appear.

2.     Eclipses of the Sun have powerful effects, and therefore if they fall upon a very flourishing and promising crop they generally damify it, so that it scarce comes to anything near what might have been expected.

3.     When at the time of an Eclipse the Significator of life in any person’s Radix shall be within the Beams of the Anareta or killing Planet, or of an Infortune not friendly disposed, such native will incur extraordinary hazard of his life.

4.     In general some Eclipses of the luminaries at the time or even before they happen raise showers and rain, others great droughts, some violent winds, others earthquakes, some scarcity of the fruits of the earth, others terrible fires.

5.     A Cornet usually foreshows the birth of some famous persons in some time after to happen, for he is not said to be born under it (in this sense) who is born during the time of its appearance, but he that is born in that region or country subject to such an Angle or Figure, and hath his Sun and Moon in its place, or the Luminaries and the Lord of his Ascendant, in cardinal signs, when the Comet rises, sets or culminates, and the like.

Comet 65P Gunn 01 by WISE NASA

6.     A Comet in the East, signifies the rise of some eminent lawgiver; in the Mid-heaven, of some powerful King, but seldom and illustrious matter when ‘tis in the West or succedent house.

7.     Comets when they are immoveable, signify seditions, but when moveable they denote Foreign Wars, and one Nation invading another; in Cardinal Signs, the death of Princes and great men; in the ninth house, scandal or detriment to Religion; in the tenth or twelfth houses, the pestilence or scarcity of corn; and in the eleventh house, great slaughter and destruction of Noblemen.

8.     If a Comet appear whilst a woman goes with child, if it be either in the fourth, sixth, or eighth month, such child will prove prone to anger and quarrels, and if he be of quality, to sedition.

9.     No eclipse whatsoever can threaten a scarcity or plague to the whole Earth, nor can the pestilence continue above four years in one place.

10.   Eclipses in the fourth house are more strong and efficacious than in the eighth or twelfth houses, and in the Ascendant more than in the ninth or eleventh.

11.   An Eclipse of the Moon extends its effects as many months, and of the sun so many years, as it continues hours.

12.   An Eclipse has a threefold effect, first powerful by reason of the conjunction or opposition on which it happens; second general, because it slowly cools, in which respect it is extended for a long time. Thirdly power which it has from the Lord of the place where it happens and other positions at that time.

13.   Eclipses operate more forcibly on Cities, Provinces, and Kingdoms than on Particular persons of private condition, or even upon Kings and Princes, for their effects rather respect the multitude.tola sun 1905

14.   When Eclipses happen or Comets appear in Earthly Signs they portend barrenness and scarcity by reason of excessive droughts; when in Watery Signs by reason of too much rain; in Airy Signs they signify mighty winds, seditions and the pestilence; in Fiery Signs terrible Wars and slaughters.

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