304460_452164084833650_1121365425_nNo. Name position (to nearest minute) Planetary Ruler

1 Alnath 0 Aries Sun

2 Albotain 12.51 Aries Moon

3 Azoraya 25.43 Aries Mars

4 Aldebaran 8.34 Taurus Mercury

5 Almices 21.26 Taurus Jupiter

6 Athaya 4.17 Gemini Venus

7 Aldirah 17.9 Gemini Saturn

8 Annathra 0 Cancer Sun

9 Atarf 12.51 Cancer Moon

10 Algebha 25.43 Cancer Mars

11 Azobra 8.34 Leo Mercury

12 Acarfa 21.26 Leo Venus

14 Azimech 17.9 Virgo Saturn

15 Argafra 0 Libra Sun

16 Azubene 12.51 Libra Moon

17 Alichil 25.43 Libra Mars

18 Alcalb 8.34 Scorpio Mercury

19 Exaula 21.26 Scorpio Jupiter

20 Nahaym 4.17 Sagittarius Venus

21 Elbelda 17.9 Sagittarius Saturn

22 Caadaldeba 0 Capricorn Sun

23 Caadebolach 12.51 Capricor Moon

24 Caadacohot 25.43 Capricorn Mars

25 Caadalhacbia 8.34 Aquarius Mercury

26 Almiquedam 21.26 Aquarius Jupiter

27 Algarf Almuehar 4.17 Pisces Venus

28 Arrexhe 17.9 Pisces Saturn


No.Picatrix Name Arabic Name Meaning

1 Alnath Al Sharatain The Two Signs

2 Albotain Al Butain The Belly

3 Azoraya Al Thurayya The Many Little Ones

4 Aldebaran Al Dabaran The Follower

5 Almices Al Hak’ah A White Spot

6 Athaya Al Hanah A Brand or Mark

7 Aldirah Al Dhira The Forearm

8 Annathra Al Nathrah The Gap or Crib

9 Atarf Al Tarf The Glance of the Lion’s Eye

10 Algebha Al Jabhah The Forehead

11 Azobra Al Zubrah The Mane of the Lion

12 Acarfa Al Sarfah The Changer of the Weather

13 Alahue Al Awwa The Barker

14 Azimech Al Simak The Unarmed

15 Argafra Al Ghafr The Covering

16 Azubene Al Jubana The Claws

17 Alichil Iklil Al Jabhah The Crown of the Forehead

18 Alcalb Al Kalb The Heart

19 Exaula Al Shaula The Sting

20 Nahaym Al Na’am The Ostriches

21 Elbelda Al Baldah The City or District

22 Caadaldeba Al Sad Al Dhabih The Lucky One of The Slaughterers

23 Caadebolach Al Sad Al Bulah The Good Fortune of The Swallower

24 Caadacohot Al Sad Al The Luckiest of the Su’udLucky

25 Caadalhacbia Al Sad Al Ahbiya The Lucky Star of Hidden Things

26 Almiquedam Al Farch Al Mukdim The Forespout of the Waterbucket

27 Algarf Almuehar Al Fargh Al Thani The Lower Spout of the Waterbucket

28 Arrexhe Al Batn al Hut The Belly of the Fish


The Arabic names are sometimes derived from zodiacal constellations found in the mansions, e.g. the Lion’s Glance, Forehead and Mane are found in Leo, the Claws in Libra relate to Scorpio, the Sting is found at the end of Scorpio and the Belly of the Fish at the end of Pisces.


Purpose Mansion Numbers in Picatrix Book 1, Ch 4

To go safely on a Journey 1,8

To take medicine 1

To make a servant flee 1

To dig streams, wells 2,15

To find lost treasure 2,15

To have plenty of corn 2

To strengthen prisons 2,3,8,10,20,26,28

To save and protect sailors at sea 3,7,14,17

To accomplish works of alchemy 3

All works done with fire 3

To put love between spouses 3,5,17,24,28

To make master shrink back from servant 4

To set boys to learn skills 5

To safeguard travellers 5,19,20,21,26,28

To improve buildings 5,10,11,17,18,21,25,26

To bring friendship 6,7,8,10,14,17,23,26

To increase trade and profit 7,11,13,21,24,27,28

To increase crops 7,12,13,19,21,28

To expel flies 7

To gain favour of Kings, authorities 7,13

To expel mice and bugs 8

To protect from another man’s claims 9

To promote love between man and woman 10,14,17

To release captives 11,13,18

To travel safely in hot places 11,13

To increase the wealth of allies 11

To help allies, authorities,

captives and servants 12

To heal the sick by drugs, medicines 14,22,23,27

To destroy lust 14

To improve the luck of kings 14

To scatter your enemies 15

To help the deceived 17

To tame wild and vicious beasts 20

For people you want to come to you 20

For allying good men with each other 20,22,23,27

For soldiers to report victory 24

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