Independence of India – Part I

A Maharaja meets Vishnu in the Forest of Illusion - Rajput painting 19th C.

A Maharaja meets Vishnu in the Forest of Illusion – Rajput painting 19th C.

We have had occasion to discuss the chart for the Foundation of Pakistan and briefly touched on the role of India. There are two charts for India: the first is the chart for Independence and the second for the Republic in 1950. I will be concentrating on the first of these only.. It gives one pause to comment on a country of 1.241 billion souls as of 2011. It’s the largest Democracy the world has ever know or is ever likely to see.  It is the most diverse country in the world by most standards, yet one of the most cohesive. One needs to tread very carefully when making generalized statements.

Before we continue, I would like to bring your attention to a common but not universal chart used by many Indian astrologers. This is for the midnight speech of Nehru on 15 August, 1947. That was the time that England declared India to be fully independent and not necessarily the time of the signing of the document. Taking time zone differences into account and the general chaos of that any event of this magnitude inevitably creates, there is no evidence that this was the time of signing the document.

The admittedly controversial time of 12.00 or 21.10 pm is also used. I will be making my case for this chart and trust others will make their cases for any variants. No chart has been used universally however.  The term Children of Midnight has become evocative of euphoria followed swiftly by carnage and devastation in the light of sectarian violence as the Sub Continent’s boundaries are re-drawn without adequate consideration. That chart certainly deserves a place, but I’m using the latter time to see what it can tell us.

It would however be irresponsible not to point out that the Midnight Chart has the Moon Void of Course dispositing Mars in his Fall. Moreover, both lights are below the horizon. For those championing this chart should be aware of this and be able to explain why it would be chosen

There is however one thing that is very plain. The spirit of the Indian people is indomitable. But democracy lacks much meaning with high levels of illiteracy, extreme poverty and a seriously corrupt bureaucracy.

For most rural Indians, very little has changed for millenia

For most rural Indians, very little has changed for millenia

The chart must be seen for what it is. On July 18 1947 the UK Indian Independence Act received the royal assent. This was primarily a British Initiative and some have seen this as a successful attempt not only to create two Muslim states, but to fragment others within India as well. However, this would make the likes of Nehru and Gandhi complicit in a ‘neo-colonialist  plot to assist the British in making it easier to manage South and Central Asia. Those who take this view must question the Indian authorities who signed the Legislation because it gave them what they wanted.

indepence_indiaFollowing so soon after the publication of the UK Indian Independence Act of 1947, it seems unlikely an astrological  election was called for. If there was, the astrologer would probably have to work within a fairly narrow time frame. In that case, the chart would have been precessional or sidereal. This would produce a charts with a very similar configuration, but with most elements set back one sign.

I drew up a chart using sidereal and the result was indeed interesting. But again, one must give credit to the number of impatient fanatics involved. There was really no time to draw up an election and the sidereal doesn’t fit. With so many impatient zealots on the scene it looks as if there was no electional chart.

Of course the Cancer Moon is better in the sidereal chart, but at the end of the day the  western chart is more descriptive of India since separation. Because I doubt very much that an astrologer was consulted, I’m reading the chart as a Western astrologer. You will recall that Pakistan was born one day prior on 14 August 1947.

The chart is for the Independence of India 12.00 (noon) 15 August 1947 at New Delhi

This occurs in the Year of Mars on the Day of Venus and the Hour of Mars   Probably the most compelling element of the chart is the powerful Solar presence in the Tenth House. The Sun is Lord of the Geniture

However I would like to begin with the Ninth House Mars first of all. He is Free and Oriental, but in his Fall in Cancer. I think if this had been planned astrologically, the chart could have been drawn up two days earlier when Mars would have been in Gemini in the Eighth and the Moon in her Domicile in the Ninth.

At the very least, the astrologer would have tried to get the malefics in the best possible houses even though the Solar Square to Jupiter would have been tighter.

nehrujinnahIndian Independence Photograph of Nehru and jinnah 1947 british library

Photograph of Nehru and Jinnah 1947- Courtesy British Library

But Mars is prominent as the Lord of the Year and Lord of the Ascendant. Jupiter is ascending in Martian Scorpio and the Sun is separating from a Square to Jupiter. In fact,  Jupiter, the Greater Benefic is at odds with the entire string of planets in Leo.

India is very often associated with a dizzying array of religions although many of them are varieties of Hinduism. and also the home of great spiritual leaders or gurus.

Hinduism is justly known as a religion of pacifism. It is also true that India has never invaded anyone,

However, the Act of Independence was in fact an act of violence as much as anything else. It tore the nation apart as it had never been before. In Vishnu’s Crowded Temple, Misra tells us the Muslims wanted more, stating plainly in the press that this should not be seen as a hand going back in time to relinquish what had been conquered and ruled by Muslims for so long: “The Hindus saw partition as a defeat, the vivisection of Mother India.” (p. 256)

Two Pakistans were created, the second of which became Bangladesh. Communities were split apart, families forced to leave ancestral lands. It is truly extraordinary that the Ascendant is at precisely the same degree and minute as the Lot of “the year to be feared at birth for death and famine” The Ascendant is in via combusta and perfecting a square with Saturn.

The Ascendant here is also the vitality of the nation. It is weakened by these elements, although the Fixed and Angular placements will reach fruition in the long term. In counterbalance though, we have the Part of Spirit and Part of Jupiter as part of the mix. Jupiter is Lord of the Second House and considering the Part of Venus is in the House, the flow of wealth is relatively high for the nation as a whole, but we be better of if Jupiter were not in Scorpio. It could be a great deal worse, however. Military spending is high. India will be among the four largest armies in the world by 2020. In all fairness, Indian are not nearly as influenced by the military as is the case with Pakistan. It is however vulnerable to attack by China and Pakistan or both.

There was what amounts to a bloody civil war between Muslims and Hindus.  Conflict had already begun over who would take Kashmir and that war continues to this day. A country that had known a relatively high level of peace, has essentially been at war ever since, witnessing a nuclear India, followed by a nuclear Pakistan. .

The Mahatma was one of the great marketing delusions of the twentieth century. It has been forbidden to write of Ghandi in a poor light, but the story of post Raj India requires that all elements be openly discussed if we are to learn anything from it. This is most particularly the case when the astrological evidence screams out to be heard.

It seems particularly poignant that Mars would be the Lord of the Ninth House. From a state point of view, religion has perversely meant war. The separation of Hindus and Muslims came at a very high price. The way this chart is configured, India would appear to have a distinct advantage by the Jupiter and Ascendant opposition to the Venus ruled Seventh House. with regard to external enemies. The Node however is conjunct Algol disposited by Venus, which rules Islam.

This is certainly worth considering. Venus is in turn disposited by the Sun which in this situation could be read as nuclear.  A significant nuclear exchange between the two nations is not beyond the realm of possibility as the security of Pakistan’s arsenal has come under close scrutiny.  I realize I’m in danger of succumbing to speculation, but that is often where one finds valuable insights.

Among other things, the Tenth House is the House of attainment, governance, profession,  dignities, office and fame. With three planets and both Luminaries in Leo we see a bright hope perhaps, but also an incredible monopoly of power by ‘luminaries’ or an elite.  The term hubris comes to mind. The Ninth House informs the Tenth, so the military has a lot of sway. It need to be said that the military in India is not like the role of the army in Pakistan, but has needed to be highly vigilant for the survival of the state. That’s understandable, but what of the common people? The Sixth House is disposited by the weak Mars and opposite the Part of Fortune, but of the same Tripicity, so the benefits to the ordinary people are slow to materialize. The Almuten of the chart is Saturn in all its austerity.

Roudra - Lord Shiva's Dance of Fury

Roudra – Lord Shiva’s Dance of Fury

The ancient Indian love of theatre in all its forms is found in the Fifth House –  in the Exaltation of Venus and disposited by Jupiter. The love of deep traditions and rituals in everyday life are beyond comparison with other nations. This is so closely part of religious life and has sustained the Indian people for millenia.

It is said that India is rapidly becoming a super power. However, only one in ten benefits from the increase in wealth. In fact, farms have been confiscated and given to corporations to further the globalization of agriculture. The gap between rich and poor is extreme. Rape in India has become endemic. She is facing a serious water shortage and most of the water she has is severely polluted. Perhaps what is most miraculous is that such a vast and diverse country is governable at all.

In Part II I will be looking primarily at Solar Revolutions, Firdaria and other simple techniques to show how this event has unfolded over time. We may also have occasion to take a look at Lunar Mansions.

2 thoughts on “Independence of India – Part I

  1. This is a very interesting read – have you considered a chart for Britain at the time since it was the British government which accelerated independence and partition by withdrawing? In a wider picture the British could no longer afford to administrate this massive populace after WW2 – being virtually bankrupted from defending itself and so in many respects this was the knock on effect of WW2. There is a great swathe of world chaos which must have started just before WW1 and “settled” in the 50s which hopefully we won’t see repeated.

    • Yes, I have looked at charts for Britain. If we use the time of the signing of the declaration in New Delhi, calculating the time difference (-7.40), we have a chart for Westminster wherein almost the entire chart is in Leo in the 12th House, squaring Jupiter in Scorpio, with Mars in his Fall in Cancer. One must be careful not to read too much into a single chart which cannot claim to the definitive one, but the symbolism of the British Lion in the House of Undoing s hard to ignore. I haven’t spent much time with chart and would be very cautious about using it with too wide an application. There are several other charts we could look at and it’s difficult, in hindsight, to ignore the butchery and forced relocation that ensued and the fact that India was divided into three parts and is still waging war on various scales in Kashmir. Pakistan is still hostile to India and vice versa, both are nuclear powers. I don’t think that the scale of the carnage of Indian against Indian would have occurred had the British been in a position to act. The fact is, we don’t actually know what would have happened, but if we go back to look at the chart with the Lion unable to act, it is something one might want to contemplate.

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