Global Uprising

TuerkeiProtest1It has been said that there are   no revolutions, only rebellions. Historically this idea has considerable currency. The Czar is killed and his successor is a brutal dictator. The Chinese so called Communist Revolution also ended as one charismatic  leader who convinced his own people to destroy as much of their own culture as possible.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I don’t think anyone could honestly claim that the Arab Spring has left the people who fought for it are any better off. Most are far worse.  This is important to remember because when you use the term revolution it has very positive connotations, in denial of the results of such revolutions. The word ‘terrorist’ is one to watch as well. One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist

So we are told that the uprising and revolution is now global; but that is to ride roughshod of the meanings of both the words revolution and global. In Brazil, there were in fact riots over the price of bus fares. France had an anti Gay marriage march and there were demonstrations and riots regarding rape laws, or the lack if them, in India.  All of these sought change of one kind or another. However, none of those events were truly revolutionary and certainly not global. They are specific to a location at that time and are not attempting a revolutionary result such as regime change.

I’m all for radical change, I just don’t want to be fooled by media frenzies, including pop astrology, that have become increasingly adept at distracting us from the main issues in favour of their own desired narrative. To quote The Fugs: “everybody loves a fire.”

We need to stay clear and on course. Our survival past the next few decades might just depend on it Many astrologers, even some that should know better, have been referring to the  Cardinal Squares of Pluto and Uranus. I suppose old habits die hard, but even if they were the significator of global uprisings, the orb is very loose and the meanings of the outer planets has been twisted, just enough to make them seem to work.

One Mundane astrologer pointed to Neptune in Pisces as a sure sign that Health Care for the elderly will dissolve, in spite of the fact that healthcare is ruled by Virgo and not Pisces. He hastened to add that the Baby Boomers had it coming, thus destroying even the pretense of objectivity. It also suggests that astrology only applies to countries that had a baby boom. What people usually mean by “baby boomer” is much more than a numerical demographic.utopia1

They mean the generation that allegedly became hippies and then yuppies. After the end of the second world war “births surged across the rich world. Britain, Germany and Japan all enjoyed a baby boom, although it peaked in different years. America’s was most pronounced” (The Economist  Sept 29. 2012). There is a good reason why there were no indigenous versions of these two forms of alleged hedonism in Japan!  The majority of modern astrologers think astrology can only be read in the context of their own  American, societal constructs.

I doubt that any culture in the world is so obsessed with the ever looming  ‘end times’  or of  looking towards the day when the government will put the entire population into specially prepared concentration camps. It’s called the tribulation, the bittersweet prelude to redemption. These ideas are rampant, their proponents gullible and zealous. But the worse part is that this is projected onto the entire world

The astrologer with the dissolving Neptune is by no means alone. Someone mentioned that Uranus in Aries was responsible for the Arab Spring. There are two things wrong with this. The most glaring is the where. What is it about Uranus or Aries that points to any of the Arab countries involved, or indeed to Arabs and Muslims? Secondly, how is it exactly that Uranus in Aries speaks to social reforms or the attempt thereof ?

I can see how someone could associate Uranus in Aries with war perhaps , but not what was then seen as an entirely benign  removal of a dictator. In hindsight, it is very plain that the Arab Spring was a misnomer. The  person who claimed that Uranus was the culprit – protagonist from his point of view – told me he remained convinced, even after I mentioned that Saturn in Libra and it’s planetary ruler, Venus was far more eloquent and gave us the ‘where’ because the association of Islam and Venus is well established and in fact undisputed in Traditional Astrology to the best of my knowledge.

He didn’t even care. Uranus is relevant. Saturn is not, no matter how pinched and squeezed the meaning is taken from the outers. But they cannot explain why uprisings occurred during the Saturn in Libra period in primarily Muslim countries and not in Australia, China  or Poland.


Aries Ingress 2013 gmt

Pluto in Capricorn would seem a fairly good fit for a financial crisis. However, financial crises much bigger than the one we have now have occurred when Pluto was in other signs. This is how shallow and empty all this hype about the Transpersonals really is. Of course the champions of the outers as messengers of truth have either forgotten the meaning of the traditional planets, or never learned about them in the first place. Neither can they indicate *where* something will happen because they do not have the inherited material which assigns astrological qualities or planets to different parts of the world

Traditional astrologers are working within shorter periods of time regarding planetary cycles. The slowest moving planet used is Saturn which passes through the entire zodiac in about 29 Years. An outer planet such as Pluto can remain in the same sign  for the best part of a generation. They also work with  the unfolding of Saturn / Jupiter conjunctions. Although they occur every twenty years, they are part of a complex continuum which includes long periods in a particular element. To understand what’s happening now, you need to understand how it came to be from an astrological point of view. Often, this means we  have to go back several years.


conjunction 2000

The last Superior Conjunction was in the sign of Taurus on 28 May 2000. I’ve used GMT so there is little point in spending time on the houses, when they will differ by location. In fact we don’t need to look at much other than Jupiter and Saturn.  They are conjunct Algol, the fixed star with the worst reputation of all. Algol is associated with extreme violence and determined malice.perseo1

One key to interpreting how this conjunction will play out, is to consider the first total lunar eclipse of the year. It was completely visible throughout the Americas. The event occurs less than two days after perigee, just as the Moon enters Cancer. This gives us a where: the Americas and more specifically the United States because it’s under the sign of Cancer

Collective Saros cycles have their own qualities and reputations. This eclipse belongs to Saros cycle 124 which is associated with a variety of events in history, none of which are particularly troubling. However, the duration of this eclipse means it’s effects will be felt into September 2001.There is no need to rehearse the events of 9/11 except to point to the combined effects of Superior Conjunctions and potent eclipses.


Lunar Eclipse Jan 2000, Courtesy of NASA – For Visibility and phases see

At this time,Saturn in Martial Scorpio is opposing the Venusian Taurus of the epoch. Scorpio, not Aquarius, is the most revolutionary sign. It should then come as no surprise that uprisings all over the world are escalating.  Brazil, France, Syria, Turkey and Korea are all Scorpio countries, each with their own form of uprising. There are other Scorpio countries that are not experiencing the same degree of protest such as Russia, but nobody can deny the tension.. But then in a very real sense, Russia is one of the strongest forces for peace in Syria, no doubt in part due to her Scorpionic affinity. Exceptions to rules need to be explained and usually are by reference to any number of Mundane tools, such as eclipses and Time Lords.

Jupiter / Saturn conjunction 2020

Jupiter / Saturn conjunction 2020

There have always been global uprisings. Anyone who remembers the sixties will  know that the violence common in Europe and rampant in America was also a living Hell in South East Asia. It appears to be endemic, particularly in the USA to think the present time is always the worst. The fact is that history is full of fallen empires, bloody wars, famines and slaughters, just as it is full of all that is best in human beings – the impulse to heal, to liberate, to edify and to nurture. Looking for a Utopia sometime in the undefined future can make our present a dystopia. It’s like Waiting for Godot.”

In seven years, the approximate period of a Saturn square or opposition, the next superior Conjunction will occur in Aquarius on Winter Solstice 2020. The conjunction is with Altair., a Fixed Air Sign under the governance of Saturn and another cycle will begin, which in turn will hearken back to the far larger cycles of  unfolding over time. We can expect accelerated technological advances, many of which will be beyond our imagination and the same criteria of relative success will apply. Aquarius may be the humanitarian, but he is easily corrupted by the simple fact that he is fixed air. This can manifest as something of the benevolent, somewhat chilly tyrant.

The various rebellions or revolutions around the world may well be represented by new faces and different locations, but the rebellion will continue as it nearly always has. Beginning as it does on Winter Solstice, this has tremendous symbolic and real power. It’s the day the Sun begins to wax.

Most of us are unlikely to shed tears over the passing of the twenty year period heralded by the last conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. It’s fixed Earth and the material world. The predictions I made almost a decade ago have come to pass, with massive economic collapse, the banking crisis and extreme social polarity and violence..

I think when we stop waiting for a better tomorrow and work with what we have today, a new kind of humanity, not one guided by fear, can and will start to realize a world without the atrocities that all too often pass for normal.

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