Leo Solar Ingress 2013


The Moon was Full at  11:15 am pdt, but this evening the Moon will look unusually large. We are experiencing another ‘super Moon” and the opposition is between the Fixed Signs of Leo and Aquarius. The Sun, Moon and Venus are changing signs simultaneously and even the Ascendant and Part of Fortune is @ zero degrees. They do so on the Day of the Moon and the Hour of the Sun

If you are in the Pacific Time Zone, this means that Venus is Lord of the Ascendant, but in her Fall. Mercury is conjunct Canopus, the Celestial Navigator and Sirius the Dog Star. Venus is conjunct and parallel Regulus, one of the Four Royal Stars of Persia. Saturn is parallel Spica, the star of brilliance. The Part of Fortune is parallel Procyon

All in all this is a highly auspicious chart signalling new beginnings on multiple fronts. The string of planets in Cancer is a heady mix and a very volatile one at that. Mercury with Mars can be compared to rocket fuel, all well and good if properly directed. Mars in his Fall conjunct Jupiter in his exaltation is associated with floods.

This is still a strong Jupiter and he is Almuten of the chart. When the stellar contacts are considered, Jupiter is also the Lord of the Geniture. There is a danger of false courage, however. At this Full Moon, figuratively celebrate the fruits of what you planted at the Dark of the Moon.


The focus of this lunation is the entrance of the Sun King. The Part of Spirit is in Aries, the Exaltation of the Sun. Because of the Solar – Lunar opposition, the Part of Fortune is conjunct the Part of Spirit . Overall, the chart is of a Choleric Humour, nicely balanced with Sanguine and a little Phlegmatic to keep things cool This Full Moon is known as the Thunder Moon by the Algonquin and Iroquois

Earlier today, the British Monarchy welcomed a new Prince into the world. His was a very different chart with Sun in the last degree of Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn. The time of birth was 16:24 BST at Paddington Hospital (London).

Congratulations and very best wishes go out to the Royal couple on the birth of their son. May he grow strong,  wise and receive many blessings in his life.

Full Moon. Photo taken earlier this evening by Mimi Mendez in Mexico City.

Full Moon. Photo taken earlier this evening by Mimi Mendez in Mexico City.

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