History of Britain: Rise and Fall of the Druids | BBC Documentary

This is a very  fine and provocative documentary that attempts to get to the heart of an advanced culture destroyed in the name of civilisation There are several related documentaries from the BBC on YouTube.

Blessed Mabon and Autumnal Equinox to all my readers

3 thoughts on “History of Britain: Rise and Fall of the Druids | BBC Documentary

  1. Happy Autumnal Equinox to you, as well!

    That was a very interesting documentary. I would imagine that the Druidic tradition is far, far richer and deeper than it is given credit for in this documentary though. It is interesting how much the symbol of the circle is invoked, which of course, is the solar symbol. It was quite fascinating that the hearth was in the center of the circular house, as the hearth fire also is symbolic of the Sun.

    • the deepness of paganism forgoten religions their beliving their faith was always not totaliristic .there was no ONE god -the religion today can learn something of democracy in their worship of many gods -as for exampleParthenon or Pantheon -so if we back we can find many deep thoughts of universe as mith -and its deeper knowledge-as Nus and Chaos -for my opinion are deeper than christianity

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