Passage of the Emerald Comet

comet lovejoy - photo courtesy of NASA

comet lovejoy – photo courtesy of NASA

It cannot be anything but auspicious to witness an emerald green comet  in the region of Orion at the New Year. It was detected by telescopes in August, but in astrology we deal with the visible in our science of light.  Comets or “hairy stars” have fascinated humanity since the dawn or time..

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, It will be quite visible to the naked eye later in the month, but at present we have a waxing Gibbous Moon that will be Full on 04 January 2015. Objects require much less ambient light in order to be seen. To view it look towards the late South Eastern sky beneath the feet of Orion. It will appear to pass between Canopus and Sirius, the latter being the brightest star in the sky.

The reading of comets is an ancient method of divination, almost always used in tandem with other astrological elements. For the traditional reading of comets, I will be referring to Guido Bonatti’s On Mundane Astrology Trans Benjamin N. Dykes Cazimi P. 2010. From here on in I will refer to this as BMD.

Bonatti asks us to look at the direction of the comet. If it is moving towards and / or has its head in for Taurus, “it signifies the killing of wealthy and great men in the northern part, and it signifies a multitude of differences between the wealth and the magnates and the rustics of the western parts … it signifies the bad condition of men and a scarcity of their good, and injuries of rebels against those who are in those region; which if it will appear in the west will be slower” (BMD 979).

GEEK OUT Stunning Depictions Of Ancient Comets That Scared The Hell Out Of Humans ATTILA NAGY 4 OCTOBER 2014 12:00 AM  Share 4  Discuss   Bookmark Stunning Depictions of Ancient Comets That Scared the Hell Out of Humans Long-tailed stars and mysterious glowing fireballs from the heavens were among the biggest and most fearful mysteries for stargazing humans throughout history. With the development of astronomy science, comets, meteors, meteorites and shooting stars became familiar objects of our universe, and with the advent of photography, depicting them became more precise. But before that talented artists created amazing drawings and paintings of these mysterious rocks. The holes in their scientific knowledge were often filled with imagination and superstition, leaving a fascinating pictorial legacy for us to look at today. Some of these centuries-old images were recently published by the Public Domain Review in a collection called “Flowers of the Sky.” It’s a stunning glimpse into at a time when comets and meteors delighted and terrified sky-watching humans. Enjoy. [Public Domain Review “In 1007 A.D., a wondrous comet appeared. It gave off fire and flames in every direction,” wrote Augsburger Wunderzeichenbuch in The Book of Miracles in the 16th century. Stunning Depictions of Ancient Comets That Scared the Hell Out of Humans Picture: Day+Faber A scene from the Bayeux Tapestry show men staring at Halley’s Comet (c1066), and is the first known picture of the comet. Stunning Depictions of Ancient Comets That Scared the Hell Out of Humans Picture: Myrabella/Wikimedia Commons “In 1300 A.D., a terrible comet appeared in the sky… and in this year, on St Andrew’s Day, an earthquake shook the ground so that many buildings collapsed.” – The Book of Miracles Stunning Depictions of Ancient Comets That Scared the Hell Out of Humans Picture: Day+Faber “In 1401 A.D., a big comet with a tail… appeared in the sky in Germany. That was followed by a great, terrible plague in Swabia.” – The Book of Miracles

“In 1401 A.D., a big comet with a tail… appeared in the sky in Germany. That was followed by a great, terrible plague in Swabia.” – The Book of Miracles

Countries ruled by ♉.– Persia, Great Poland, Asia Minor, the Archipelago, and the southern parts of Russia, the islands of Cyprus and Samos, and the port and vicinity of Navarino.

It’s not surprising that these countries and regions would be highlighted as there is a very high possibility of conflict, particularly with the deteriorating relationship between Russia, NATO and the US. In Mundane Astrology several elements are considered to give more precise information. In this case however, we do have some confirmation rather than a prediction in the ordinary sense of the word. Southern Russia, including Georgia, Chechnya and the Ukraine, perhaps. Asia Minor esp. Turkey is part of the picture and there are strategic troop build-ups in Cyprus. Iran has been the focus if Israel and the US for quite some time.

There are nine types of comets according to Ptolemy: the javelin, the tenaculum, the measuring0ros, a miles, the lord of ascona, the morning or dawn comet, the silver the rosy and the black “and he said the first four of these are likened to stars, And all signify wars and terrors and great events in the world” (BMD 986).

Ptolemy asks us to consider the colour of the comet, but his guidelines are far from complete. Green isn’t mentioned, but by association and process of illumination, I would suggest Venus – nevertheless her benevolence is all but lost when associated with a comet. Venus would also give us a further association with Taurus.

Historically, comets have rarely if ever been seen in a positive light as the image of the comet of 1527 below will attest:  both image and  written description personify the event . The comet’s “head like a bent arm, as if it had a sword in its hand and wanted to strike. And at the point of the sword there were three big stars and from the stars sprang a cloud-coloured stream, which was longer than the comet’s tail.” – The Book of Miracles I cannot help but wonder if the three stars are the belt of Orion



3 thoughts on “Passage of the Emerald Comet

  1. Very interesting! Orion is the constellation of war, according to George Noonan (Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology). Also, the 2015 Spring Equinox will coincide with a solar eclipse. The chart shows the luminaries at midpoint of the Uranus-Pluto exact square…Let us hope for peace and for enlightened leaders!

  2. Thank you for this article. I thought it was quite interesting that comets have usually been seen in a negative light. I have been doing some research into eclipses lately, including researching the lore of traditional cultures regarding them, and they were almost always viewed in a negative light as well. At best, they were seen as times of “repentance.” At worst, they were seen as “poison.” What fascinating pictures, by the way!

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