Venus Exalted in Pisces

It's description is a angels but it looks like Moon in Pisces.

One of the most tortured and misunderstood concepts in astrology is that of Exaltation. There are two main reasons why this is the case.  First of all, modern astrologers are either unaware that a mystical system exists that permeates and underlies all astrology or fail to see its relevance. Worse perhaps, is that there is awareness of this system, but the modern practitioner takes for granted that it can be changed to suit ‘modern sensibilities’ or ignored altogether.

If you can’t see why the system is the way it is, then what’s the harm in throwing a few extra planets or asteroids in for good measure? Who cares if there are enough asteroids to provide over a hundred of them for every degree of the zodiac? While we’re at it, why not add some new aspects because, you know, our subtle energies vibrate to a New Age to which the ancients had no awareness. They only used the seven planets and the five aspects because they didn’t know any better. Somebody ought to channel Pythagoras and let him know.

So when the question arises as to why a planet is exalted in a sign, those sufficiently divorced from the tradition, might attempt to understand it using, let’s say, psychological criteria that become increasingly exotic and usually highly subjective. In the case of Venus in Pisces, we are told that only Pisces can give unconditional and Universal love whereas Venus in other signs is presumably incapable.  Universal love or agape isn’t what Venus is about. She is associated with Eros, music, seduction, sweets and so on. Recently I read that Venus is exalted in Pisces because Venus was born from the sea, more accurately sea foam, which sounds good until you realize that Pisces is not the ocean. That belongs to Cancer.

A brief search on the internet will provide several other stock explanations that make little sense when examined in the light of reason or by simple reference to the system that brought about exaltations in the first place.

The most direct technical answer to the question. ‘why is Venus exalted in Pisces.’ is to note that it’s opposite the Fall of Venus in Virgo. Exaltations are always in the opposite sign of their Fall Let’s begin with the Domicile of the Signs: below is the list of domiciles for each planet and luminary. With the exception of the Sun and Moon, all planets have two domiciles. One is Masculine or Diurnal and the other Feminine or Nocturnal.


The system is a perfect symmetry, but may not appear to be at first glance.. If we take the Sun and Moon as the centre, then the rulerships follow the Chaldean order of planets. So for example, Mercury takes Gemini and Virgo as domicile – that is to say the sign before and the sign after the Luminaries.  Next will come Venus in Taurus and Libra Finally Saturn is left with Capricorn and Aquarius. See the diagram below.

In summary:

The Moon has only one Domicile, Cancer – Nocturnal Feminine

Mercury has his Domicile in Gemini and Virgo – Diurnal Masculine and Nocturnal Feminine

Venus has her Domicile in Taurus and Libra Nocturnal Feminine and Diurnal Masculine

The Sun has only one Domicile, Leo – Diurnal Masculine

Mars finds his domicile in Aries and Scorpio – Diurnal Masculine and Nocturnal Feminine.

Jupiter has his Domicile in Sagittarius and Pisces. Diurnal Masculine and Nocturnal Feminine

Saturn has his Domicile in Capricorn and Aquarius – Nocturnal and Feminine and Diurnal Masculine.

These Saturnine signs oppose the Luminaries:  Capricorn is the detriment of the Moon and Aquarius the Detriment of the Sun.  Saturn is the greater malefic. The domiciles of Mars, Aries and Scorpio, oppose both domiciles of Venus, Libra and Taurus respectively. Jupiter the greater benefic has Sagittarius and Pisces for his domicile. Diurnal Jupiter trines the Sun and is Exalted in the domicile of the Moon. From this alone, it is easy to see why Saturn is the greater malefic and Jupiter the greater benefic.

Mercury appears to upset the balance by having his Domicile and Exaltation in Virgo, while he takes both detriment and Fall in Pisces.  Venus then takes her fall in Virgo and exaltation in Pisces.  This is because Jupiter opposes both domiciles of Mercury and vice versa.

Returning to Pisces, we find nocturnal Jupiter opposing Virgo, which is trine nocturnal Venus – thus  Venus is exalted in Pisces. The system is simple once one knows how to read it. Remember this is only one way of measuring planetary strength. Domicile is considered to be of greater dignity than Exaltation.

My sole intention in writing this article is to explain the nature of exaltations and because Venus is exalted in Pisces at the time of writing. With this in mind, it’s neither the time or place to debate possible archetypal meanings. However, there is no doubt that Venus is very happy in the sign of the Fishes, but the happiness is more sensual than mystical in the ordinary sense of that word. After all, we have the greater benefic with the lesser benefic  Venus in the House of Jupiter will not auger restriction.  In the words of Mae West ““Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.” 

The final analysis will look to the phases of Venus. She is known as Phosphorus as the evening and Lucifer as the Morning Star, but that is for another article.

Detail - Horoscope of Prince Iskandar Grandson of Tamerlane - showing Venus in Pisces

Detail – Horoscope of Prince Iskandar Grandson of Tamerlane – showing Venus in Pisces

13 thoughts on “Venus Exalted in Pisces

  1. Just like you, I like to understand the “why” of things. Memorizing tables it’s not enough for me. Your article point the luminaries as the “triggers” to define the dignity of planets. If Jupiter is considered a benefic ’cause it trines the Leo (the Sun), why Scorpio is considered the “fall” of the Moon since it trines Cancer and Taurus is considered the exaltation of that luminary? I’ve been reasearching about this topic exhaustively and haven’t found any convincing theory that to explain the dignities of all planets.

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    • As you know, the outer planets are not part of the ancient system. Astrology isn’t astronomy, so there is no obligation or reason to add an ever-increasing number of planets when the traditional ones give us all we need.

  3. interesting… not sure on specific sources of the myth, but isn’t Pisces LITERALLY Aphrodite (Venus) & Eros? As a pisces, I always kinda figured that H symbol looked like a link of chain… deeper symbolic reflections on the 12th house being a prison and the escapism of the duo… the ocean may belong to cancer, but aquarius holds a bucket of abzu… dead marshes… I hear they’ve got geothermal down there… tata.

    • No, Pisces isn’t literally Aphrodite. Perhaps you mean Venus? The association of Pisces with the 12th House is a modern construct. The only time the houses are associated with the signs is in medical astrology. Venus has her Joy in the Fifth House.

  4. You have completely misunderstood astrology anyways venus is exalted in pisces because it is the house of “no ego” you feel happy interacting with a person who is not egoistic and they say when there is no ego god resides that is why pisces represents temples 12th house is the last house indicating the liberation part since venus is about strong desires when he is in pisces his desires are always liberated he does not have the burden.ok agreed desires are one thing which will never end but the burden is not there because your desires are surrendered to god.

  5. Hello Vijet,

    The article is not about contemporary astrology. It shows how in ancient and traditional astrology, the exaltations are found. I have explained this clearly and it’s a shame that you have run roughshod over the article and hastily concluded that I have “completely misunderstood astrology.”

    You appear to be mostly basing your understanding of Pisces on modern attributions of the 12th House. Yet in Hellenistic, Persian, others, Venus is said to be in her joy in the 5th House.

    Venus may have a relationship to the 12th House, but that has nothing whatsoever to do with exaltation.I wrote the article because of the confusion regarding classical exaltations.

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