Summer Solstice – 2018


Here’s wishing my readers, friends. family, colleagues and clients a blessed Summer Solstice! This is a time of celebration and contemplation no matter what your path may be.  This chart is set for Greenwich Mean Time, so this chart can also be used to suggest, particularly for the next three months, the mood and tendencies for this particular time zone.

This festival has a great variety of expressions around the world, but it is always a Solar festival. This is the day when the Sun is at it’s strongest, in the sense that it is the longest day and thus the shortest night. From now on, we slowly begin to turn inwards, having basked in the light and warmth of the Sun

A man jumps over a bonfire during festivities marking Ivan Kupala Day, a pagan summer solstice celebration, in the village of Fadino on the Irtysh River in 2017. PHOTOGRAPH BY DMITRY FEOKTISTOV, TASS,

This is the Cancer Ingress. In the chart posted you will find that in most respects it is favourable. The Sun is in the House of the Good Spirit with Mercury, Mars is in his Joy in the 6th House.. like a tiger in a cage, he is restrained from doing great harm but is also well placed for surgery or other forms of healing that require any kind of incision,.

Venus in Leo is not well-placed in the 12th but is otherwise in fair condition, with some caution regarding the opposition to Mars. She disposits the Venusian Moon in Libra. Both of the Superior (Social) Planets are retrograde and considering that Jupiter is in Scorpio. he is restrained from doing what he does best.


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