Solar eclipse of June 21, 2020

Totality of the solar eclipse of July 2, 2019, captured from La Serena, Chile

I discussed this eclipse about six months ago in my article on the Saturn & Jupiter Grand Conjunction which will occur at the Winter Solstice of 2020.  I recommend reading that article in concert with this one.

The annular solar eclipse occurring on June 20, 2020, is an extraordinary event, even among eclipses. The location of the maximum eclipse will be seen from Katmandu, Nepal. This region and the borders between China, India and Pakistan are the central focus. The duration of the eclipse informs us that the effects will be felt right up until the Grand Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at Winter Solstice.  It is necessary to observe the eclipses leading up the Grand Conjunction. You will find my articles on two previous eclipses.

It needs to be made clear that eclipses have influence over the collective – entire nations – and in traditional astrology, they are not regarded as of great effect to individuals. This is a Mundane event.

Also, the literature passed down to us makes it plain that the eclipse cannot have influence over areas where it cannot be observed. Thes two simple rules will help the astrologer focus on the where and the who (collective).

The most striking element of this chart is that all planets are retrograde, except a severely debilitated Mars – disposited by a Jupiter in his Fall, in the 6th house in Pisces. Direct action is thwarted. Mars in this house is sometimes referred to as the tiger in the cage.

The Libra Ascendant is disposited by Venus, retrograde in an Air Sign and conjunct the Fixed Star Aldebaran.  The latter is sometimes referred to as “the eye of God” but is also associated with blindness. Stars operate at better potential when thy have supportive planets to work through. In this case, it is at best ambivalent.

So, when the lights go out, we are left with the general impression of chaos – another case of the “falcon cannot hear the falconer.” The area in which this is occurring cannot help but remind us of the gathering storms of conflict between India and China and India and Pakistan.

None of these countries is directly associated with Cancer. Both Pakistan and India are under Leo. China is decidedly Capricorn. Saturn is dominating theme throughout 2020, not least because of the nearing of the conjunction in Saturn’s domicile. We can say that China’s bullying of India over border disputes to facilitate China’s access to South Asia via the Himalayas is not likely to be successful for the foreseeable future and in a way that could be maintained.

An annular solar eclipse is one in which can occur when the Sun has a larger apparent size than the Moon, whereas a total eclipse can occur when the Moon has a larger apparent size. Annular refers to the ring effect during an annular eclipse,  from Latin annulus.  Be aware that during an annular solar eclipse, direct sunlight passes around the moon and reaches Earth, so eye protection must be worn to prevent eye damage.


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