Winter Solstice 2012

It seems a bitter irony that this date has been feared as the end of the world. I’d simply like to share some casual observations to address any concerns of catastrophe regarding this date and time.

Cardinal Ingress charts are more about beginnings: the ingress of a new season. So these kinds of charts can be used for pretty much anything, including weather forecasts. Cardinal Ingress charts are an important component in Mundane astrology, often read with a number of other elements such as eclipses, various Time Lords  and relation to Superior Conjunctions.alcb

There is little point in going into too much detail, because this particular chart is only completely valid for one time zone. In different time zones the most noticeable change will be the Ascendant, and therefore all of the house placements. So  with that proviso, let’s take a look

Considering this is a chart for “the end of the world” it looks good to me ! What immediately struck me, other than the fact that it precisely marks my second Saturn return, is the 9th House of God (among other things) with Venus and Mercury disposited by Jupiter.  Yes, he’s retrograde and debilitated, but nothing that would indicate anything so dire as the end of everything.

He does however disposit the ascendant which in turn is conjunct Formalhaut, a very significant Star said to be of the nature of both Jupiter and Saturn. The Ingress falls on the Day of Venus and the Hour of Jupiter. Venus and Jupiter are the lesser and greater benefics, respectively

Of the malefics, Saturn disposits Mars in the 11t house.. Both are direct and Mars is in his exaltation. The star Rigel with the Part of Fortune is a blessing. My concerns are mostly  with Saturn  and the Pisces Ascendant. It may seem like the Sun’s shining and the birds are singing, but you know there is always a snake in the grass. It just won’t be a giant cosmic snake that swallows us whole. In fact I’ve seen far worse charts cast for Coronations !

Merry Christmas and a Joyous Solstice to all my readers

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