Quest for the Age of Aquarius.


Astrological ages occur due to a phenomenon known as the precession of the equinoxes. One complete revolution of all twelve astrological signs is called a Great Year or Platonic Year. This takes about 25,920 years. Precession works in retrograde motion; so Pisces follows Aries, Aquarius follows Pisces which in turn is followed by Capricorn.

Would it were so simple: Nicholas de Vore defines Astrological Ages in his Encylopedia of Astrology: “As anciently considered, a period of roughly 2150 years during which the point of the Spring Equinox recedes through one sign of the Zodiac of Constellations. Since the constellations have no precise boundaries, the points of beginning and ending are mere approximations.”

It should be noted that this concept has not been embraced universally by any means. Charles Carter wrote: “it is probable that there is no branch of Astrology upon which more nonsense has been poured forth than the doctrine of the precession of the equinoxes” (Campion 1999) Neil Spencer is of the opinion that the idea of astrological ages is “fuzzy”, “speculative” and [the] least defined area of astrological lore.[ (Spencer 2000) Others have simply given up on the whole idea.

Regarding the date marking the Age of Aquarius, there is no consensus among astrologers. Astronomers have no definitive date either. I’ve seen dates as early as the 15th Century and as late as the middle of the third millennium. Rudolph Steiner believed that the Age of Aquarius wouldn’t arrive until 3573.

David Williams claims that the Age of Aquarius arrived around 1844, with the harbinger of the Siyyid `Alí Muḥammad (1819–1850), who founded Bábism. You can see how many will stake a claim on the beginning of the age based on a singular event.

Courtesy University of British Columbia

Courtesy University of British Columbia

There are a number of reasons for this confusion: the constellations are not the same size. The Precession of the Equinox is not perfectly constant. There are dozens of other reasons as well.

I proceed with the tentative assumption that the Great Ages do exist and might be known, among other things, by considering the nature of the age in relation to the unique and agreed-upon traits of the sign.

The passage of Regulus into Virgo, joining the other Royal Stars of Persia in mutable signs (2012) is highly significant; but I’d be reluctant to take that as the single defining event without substantial corroborative evidence.

Ultimately we have to ask ourselves what we mean by the Piscean or the Aquarian Age.  How are they most likely to manifest? How are they to be recognized?

I recently read an article by an astrologer who claimed that Aquarius will get rid of greed, selfishness, war and all kinds of blights. But what is particularly Piscean about this list? Another wrote, “The more dominant core values of the Piscean Age of money, power and control must go to make room for the Aquarian Age values of love, unity, brotherhood and integrity.” Where do these attributes come from? Is the mere idea of the Age of Aquarius enough for us to deny everything we know about the signs?

Verttius Valens was less than charitable in his assessment of the sign :

Aquarius is the celestial sign which is masculine, solid, anthropomorphic, somewhat damp, single. It is mute, quite cold, free, upward-trending, feminizing, unchanging, base, with few offspring, the cause of troubles arising from athletic training, carrying burdens, or work in hard materials, an artisan, public. Men born under this sign are malicious, haters of their own families, incorrigible, self-willed, deceitful, tricky, concealing everything, misanthropic, godless, accusers, betrayers of reputations and the truth, envious, petty, occasionally generous (because of flow of water), uncontrollable. As a whole this sign is wet. (Anthologies Bk. 1 p. 5)

To be fair, he isn’t all that kind to Pisces either :

It’s the celestial sign which is feminine, moist, quite wet, bicorporeal, with many offspring, ossy, scaley, sinewy, humpbacked, leprous, two-formed, mute, motile, with rough skin, in conflict with itself because one Fish is northern, the other southern. It is moist, downward-trending, servile, changeable, with many offspring, bicorporeal, sociable/lewd, with some limbs missing, the cause of wandering, varied.Men born under this sign are unsteady, unreliable, changing from bad fortune to good, sexy, theivish, shameless, prolific, popular  (Anthologies Bk. 1 p. 6).

Personally, I find both descriptions ludicrous in their hyperbole, but in essence, there is much to reflect upon, once you get past the leprous bit.

It is noteworthy that many cultures speak of a distant Golden Age, set far beyond the mists of time. Many predict a Golden Age in the future, often with no date to mark the ingress. In most cases, humanity has to make the right choices in order for it to occur.

Such is not the case with the “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius ” It’s portrayed as a more or less painless transition to Utopia. Can it be that all will be sweetness and light because Saturn rules the Age?  The influence of a very popular but astrologically ignorant song, cannot be ignored!

The Moon is in the 7th House for two hours every day. Jupiter and Mars alignments occur often (See this calculation for 1900 -2500) It is not a  rare event at all. In a lifetime of 80 years, there would be 36 Jupiter / Mars conjunctions. Such is the power of popular culture if the timing is right: ‘ Perhaps this is a case of life imitating art, but it’s complete fiction.  Perhaps it’s little more than a case of successful marketing.

Again It seems the only way we have of determining when the New Age begins or ends is by studying what happens and how people react to it. The 20th Century has often been referred to as the age of alienation and existential angst.

The  20th century saw the dominance of sea power replaced by air power. Revolutions were rife, toppling the Czar and the Emperor of China, both replaced by dictatorial Communism. Feudal Japan was overwhelmed by the country best known for its cult of rugged individualism. The World Wars seem far more Aquarian than Piscean.

The acceleration of technology is unprecedented and few doubt its Aquarian nature. Is chemical warfare a Pisces thing or an Aquarian one? What about nuclear bombs?

Can anyone seriously deny that globalisation has a lot more to do with Saturnine Aquarius than Jupiterian Pisces, particularly when we consider the Aquarius / Leo axis.?

Most writers on the Age of Aquarius are very upbeat. The jargon is usually similar. Pisces bad. Aquarius good. No more oppression. Love will guide the stars and so on.

I  find myself agreeing with most of what Robert Zoller has said on the subject. Please excuse the lengthy quote, but we don’t know how long webpages will be maintained and Zoller speaks with considerable authority. You can read the whole article @

During the Piscean Age, the benefic Jupiter ruled the angles. Jupiter ruled both Pisces on the 1st and Sagittarius on the 10th, and thus, while there was confusion of hierarchical religious institutions and political institutions and while this inevitably led to hypocrisy, the Age was nevertheless one in which truth and philosophy mattered to men. The Piscean Age will, as this Aquarian Age unfolds, be seen as a halcyon period of semi-respite from the essentially malefic and spiritually destructive nature of life. In the Aquarian Age, the malefics once again rule the angles and with them returns the natural severity of worldly life.

The Novus Ordo Saeculorum, the New Order of the Ages, will rule through the power of life and death (Scorpio, which is on the 10th), through behaviour modification, cloning, genetic engineering, mind control and the occult. Might makes right in this New Age. If the preceding Age produced metaphysical materialists, who duped the people through the opiate of religion, the New Age will produce materialist metaphysicians who will make the preceding political power elites look like inept apprentices.

In the Age of Aquarius, religion will be humanistic love of fairness and justice. While feeding the people with Libran platitudes, the Scorpionic rulers will work tirelessly toward the realization of their goal – absolute power over others, as Leo is seen in position on the 7th house. The will of the people will be towards freedom of expression (Aquarius), and they will be encouraged to do their own thing so that they keep their minds off what their rulers do.

Most of what Zoller mentions has already materialized. These trends have all accelerated enormously since 2000. The New Age is synonymous with the New World Order in many respects.  The marketing of greed and unprecedented ecological destruction is somehow “serving our best interests.” So are genetically modified foods. The World Bank masquerades as a benevolent force in developing countries. Invariably the nations cannot repay the debt and the bank takes control of the resources. These are all globalist endeavours resulting in personal profits. Technology is touted as the saviour while a third of the world goes hungry.

A Nobel Peace prize was given to a killer of children via that most Aquarian of weapons, the killer drone and, to quote Zoller, “rule through the power of life and death (Scorpio, which is on the 10th)”. There are few things more impersonal than unmanned stealth weapons controlled by a secret agency from across the world.  They are so *impersonal* that they kill ten times as many men, women and children as the intended target. None of this seems Piscean to me I  don’t see peace and understanding heading the list at this point, but our survival will depend on it.

We are in an age of religious wars. Neither secularism nor fundamentalism will budge. The world is on fire with this conflict, with no easy end in sight. They’re ultimately incompatible and it’s easy to see this as a final conflict between the ages of Pisces and Aquarius.

Alternatively, one might argue that the religious element in not much more than a pretext for the complete control of people and global resources by the greatest plutocracy the world has ever seen. This brings us back to the Leo / Aquarian axis once again.Bonatti-Aquarius

Ultimately we have to look at the thorny question of cusps. I’m not big on them myself. But even if you were to apply even a very modest orb, it’s fair to say the age probably started around the beginning of the 20th Century.

I don’t entirely concur with Zoller’s dystopian vision for the Age of Aquarius, but his observations have enormous merit.  I believe our technology and globalization are a double-edged sword. Just as the invention of the crossbow meant that a peasant could unhorse a knight, powerful computers and other technologies make it harder for tyrants to hide and easier for us to communicate with each other, albeit in a far less intimate manner.

Some afterthoughts


In 1927 the British philosopher Bertrand Russell delivered as a lecture and then published Why I Am Not a Christian. It was shocking at the time and no doubt still shocks many people. It was supposed to. However, it’s listed in the New York Public Library’s list of the most influential books of the 20th century.

It isn’t just atheism. It’s militant atheism. Richard Dawkins et al have become very aggressive, even confrontational, referring to religion, or anything else that’s non-quantifiable material as a particularly pernicious virus or mental illness. Anything, not material, such as prayer or any form of divination is forbidden.

As noted the Russian and Chinese revolutions were also militantly atheist. This spread through much of the world. It’s really very Aquarian A fixed air sign ruled by Saturn wail expects and desires the uniformity of thought and the individual ultimately sacrificed for the collective. This is the essence of globalism. Secularism has become a religion itself: we are asked to accept on blind faith that which is often patently absurd.
Having considered all these things relating to Saturn, I think a good estimate for the beginning of the Age of Aquarius would be around 1901 and not later than 1918. That is a Superior Conjunction (of Jupiter and Saturn) in Capricorn in late 1901. 1918 is another date to consider.

I have no desire to spread negativity. It’s the opposite. By recognizing what we’re facing we have some choices. If we remain in the illusion that all is sweetness and light, as much of the New Age Movement ironically claims, we are most likely to get blindsidedman-head-in-sand

Part of the confusion, in fact almost all of it, lies with the false connection of Aquarius with Uranus. It’s touted as the revolutionary planet. If we seriously consider the attributes of Uranus, we find a blend of qualities that previously belonged primarily to Mars and Mercury but this has been almost completely ignored. Many of the attributes that actually belong to Aquarius have been pushed aside and something altogether different put in its place and given the same name.

See Part Two

8 thoughts on “Quest for the Age of Aquarius.

  1. I’ve never been a fan of this “age” business on the simple grounds that we’re confusing two different concepts: signs and constellations. A great year is a period consisting of the time that the vernal point passes through all the constellations of the zodiac. But the vernal point is now and always will be at 0 Aries. Therefore, Mr. Zoller, Jupiter does not rule any angles of an age since the age has no angles. A tropical chart consisting of 12 signs and 12 houses does. Angles have to do with houses not signs, and the earth, not the cosmos. Even sidereal astrologers will have difficulty with this because, as the article notes, the constellations are of different sizes with no set boundaries. And don’t some siderealists use 30 degree boundaries for the constellations?

    The constellations do not neatly follow each other around in a circle either. Aquarius is both well above and below the ecliptic and overlaps Capricorn. What age will be it be when the vernal point hits the overlapping area? Aquacorn?

    Each age is over 2000 years long. It is very simple to cherry pick major events and assign them to whatever we wish to assign them to and ignore others. Has air power overtaken sea power? The concept of holding the high ground is as old as military history, but without battle carrier groups (highly sophisticated computerized warships supporting massive air craft carriers that can militarily control an area the size of California for a minimum of 7 years) air power is ineffective for anything but raids far from home, and even that is limited (but missiles do make up for some of that). The US Navy is still spending a lot of money researching new uses for submarines and building faster and faster warships.

    I’ve heard the “age of Pisces” described as everything from the religious to “warlike.” Wars, too, are as old as human history, and combining the two isn’t difficult either. Personally, the song makes as much sense as anything else written about the ages, and that isn’t saying much.

  2. I’m not sure the Age of Aquacorn has quite the same ring, but if they promise not to write a song about it I’m all for it :) Maybe Aquacon would be more accurate though.

    I might have ignored the question if it were not for the Hindu Yugas and Plato, who defined the “perfect year” in Timeaus as the return of the celestial bodies (planets) and the diurnal rotation of the fixed stars (circle of the Same) to their original positions. We need to consider this in the context of Plato’s creation myth (s)

    As far as the American military goes, i will readily defer to your knowledge. But when I think of the Nazi bombing of London and Coventry, it must have seemed to the residents , members of my family among them, that this massively destructive incineration from the air was something they had never seen. In fact, they couldn’t see the enemy at all in many cases. The people of Nagasaki and Hiroshima couldn’t possibly have imaged this devastation coming from an airplane. So while I don’t think it definitive, I do think it deserves reflection

    • My reference was to point out an example of what I see as cherry picking the facts to fit the conclusion. I did not mean to imply that air power cannot e destructive or is not a part of life that it never was as little s 100 years ago. But we can find non-air factors emerging in this so-called “age,” as well Sticking to them ilitary, ground troops have nigh vision goggles and weapons manufacturers are developing ways to see and fire around corners. It’s just not that simple to point to emerging air power and drop the reference.

      And we are in agreement that should there be a song written and performed with “Aquacorn” in the title or lyrics it might spell the end of all music.

      • We’re on the same page, Tom. The examples you use of night goggles and stealth speak of Scorpio more than Aquarius of course. The safest prediction anyone can make is that there will be war Yet it is often used as if it could define an age I don’t think this is what Plato was onto

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  5. Thank you for these articles. They now seem frighteningly precognitive, though to you, probably not so much, but more predictable. I feel almost alone in my awareness that the world is not “getting better and better day by day,” but it seems the mass religion of our time. I still believe more people will come to recognize the “velvet fist” for what it is, but some days the occult power of technocracy seems to have most people hypnotized.

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