Wherein the Nature and Purpose of the Blog is fully explained


The Industrious and Modest reader, who truly Thirsts or Pants after an acquaintance with the works of God, will thank me for thus lending him mine Eyes, and for doing so great, but useful a piece of Drudgery, for the service of the Divine Urania. While in the meantime, the envious Sciolist will perhaps disdain the work, and cry Tush! Term it a Trifle: and it may be, will be so thankless and ungrateful, as to tell me, I might have spent my time to better purpose, if (with Sir W.P. ) I had numbered all the Lawyers Chimneys in the several Inns of Court in London: or, full as well. have slept away my time with Lampatho’s Spaniel. But, do not all wise men know, that Envy hath no Commerce, or Communication with true Industry. The Invidious Man, like the Dog in the Manger, is never contented; he’ll do nothing himself, yet be still snarling at the performance of others. Howbeit, – jacta est alea – The Work is done and I am proof against all Censure. The Commendation of Good Men will not make me Proud, neither shall I value what witry Malice, or gross Impudence can Speak or do against these my Endeavours – (With apologies to John Gadbury, Gent.)