Heart & Sol

Devotee at Sun God Surya Festival

Devotee at Sun God Surya Festival

We are stardust.

We are golden.

And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden

.- Joni Mitchell

SOL.] The Sun is placed in the middle of all Planets, and is called amongst the Ancients, both Poets and Historians, Sol, Titan, Ilioa, Phebus, Apollo, Pean, Osyris, Diespiter: It’s needlesse to mention his Colour, being so continuallly visible to all mortal men: He passeth through all the twelve Signs of the Zodiack in one yeer, or 365 dayes and certain hours. The Sun governeth the fiery Triplicity, viz. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius by day (W.Lilly CA I).

Vettius Valens begins his anthology in praise of the Sun :”  In a nativity the all-seeing sun, nature’s fire and intellectual light, the organ of mental perception, indicates kingship, rule, intellect, intelligence, beauty & …”).

Eye of Horus- Courtesy National Geographic 1

Eye of Horus- Courtesy National Geographic 1

We are literally made of star-dust.  The Sun is the primary giver of life on Earth. It’s not hard to understand why the circle with the dot in the middle is among the most ancient of symbols. Also know as the circumpunct, it’s is the glyph of the astrological Sun. It signifies Divine spirit (circle) surrounding the seed of potential – the Solar Essence.

Astronomers tells us that all the elements heavier than hydrogen originated inside stars: “The carbon in the ink on a page, and the silicon in glass and microchips, were created in the heart of a star, long ago, as that star shined by fusing hydrogen. The iron that carries the oxygen in your blood as you read this, was created when a star, in its dying phase, exploded. ”  (Gerald Grow 1997) Science is finally catching up to Ancient wisdom.2263318_f260

Worship of the Sun and Sun Gods is ubiquitous. In Egypt it was the beginning of monotheism. The All-Seeing eye of Horus is a variation of the Solar symbol.

The Babylonians usesd the Solar Disk, often with wings, but they also had a number system for the luminaries and planets. The Sun was represented as a four pointed star with rays between each one.

Just as the physical Sun is the centre of the Solar System, the Sun is at the heart of our own being., ruling both visi0n and heart. Both may be taken physically or spiritually.. When we say someone is warm or cold hearted, we are really saying they have abundance or lack of Spirit. Likewise, when we say there is lack of vision, we also mean lack of light – again, physically or spiritualy. As above, so below.

Solar Disk - Church of the sacred tomb in-Jerusalem

Solar Disk – Church of the sacred tomb in-Jerusalem

I’m reminded of a mantra that translates as ‘all evil vanishes for he who keeps the Sun in his heart.’

This is of course the reason for ancient fear and awe during eclipses. It’s as if the source of life is being consumed, meanng not just loss of human life but of all that exists. That is in fact the language used to describe the event in many cultures.

So, when ill dignified. Lilly tells us that “Solar man is Arrogant and Proud, disdaining all men, cracking of his Pedegree, he is Pur-blind in Sight and Judgment, restlesse, troublesome, domineerning; a meer vapour, expensive, foolish, endued with no gravity in words, or Eye_of_Horussobernesse in Actions, a Spend—thrift, wasting his Patrimony, and hanging after an other mens charity, yet thinks all men are bound to him, because a Gentleman born. (CA I).

In short, he is everything that is not noble –  his selfishness and ego eclipse his solar nature.

These are just a few passing thoughts you may wish to consider when interpreting the Sun in a horoscope